Navigating New Technology for Diabetes

I’m not sure if it is all of the buzz about the new Medtronic 670g system, the fact that training for my next Ironman triathlon has prompted me to look at the new Dexcom CGM, or if there is actually releases of more new technology lately but it is an awful lot to process.

I don’t know if if this is the absolute guide to figuring out what is best for you, but here are a few tips that have helped me.

1.       Ask

Sometime we don’t realize it but we have a lot of resources available to us. Start with your endocrinologist. Chance are the sales reps for new technology have inundated your doctor with information about what is new.  Also your doctor is a crossroads for the experience of all of their patients and will often have hands on experience about how new technology really works. Reach out to any other diabetics you know that may be using the new technology and let them tell you what they think. You can connect through the Destiny facebook page or other social media groups to get a wide range of feedback. Don’t forget to ask the manufacturer. They will definitely have a biased opinion but my experience is that they are a wealth of information.

2.       Spend Time Before Money

Us diabetics are used to having to put a little more time and effort into most things. Okay, maybe a lot more time. Technology is no different. Getting information from multiple sources takes time, but it will give you a solid perspective of the pros and cons of new gadgets and gizmos. Take advantage of any opportunity to see and touch the new technology. It can be daunting to track down events and carve out the time to get to them but first hand experience can’t be beat. Ask reps what the trial period is for their technology. Many have at least a 30 day trial and that can help you make sure you are not getting stuck with something until the warranty expires 5 years later.

3.       When you get it, make it work

We are not alone. If you get new tech and are having a problem, chances are others are having the same problem. Reach out to your network, doctor, and the manufacturer to find a solution. There are often a lot of patches, upgrades and work arounds that address the exact problem that is driving you nuts.

4.       You are the best technology

Technology is just a tool, like a paintbrush or a chisel. You are the artist. Keep your expectations real and be sure you don’t take the hard work and commitment to your health out of the equation. Technology should make it easier for you to accomplish your goals but it won’t do it for you. If anything technology, along with commitment, should allow you to accomplish more than you though you could.

These are just a few thoughts on the challenge of figuring out what technology is best for you. Be sure to comment on this article on our blog at and share your thoughts.

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