Open APS DIY Closed Loop Systems


September 27 @7pm EST

Open APS DIY Closed Loop Systems

We will have a guided discussion about Open APS/DIY Closed Loop Systems for managing Type 1 diabetes. Our featured panelist will be Dr. Orla Wilson, a senior lecturer at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Wilson and her daughter both have Type 1 diabetes and have been active using DIY Closed Loop systems. We will be talking about what Open APS is, what is involved and the benefits and challenges of these systems.

Click here to view the video of the webinar.

As the first of our brand new webinar series, we are hoping to have a very interactive discussion to share knowledge with our Diabetes DESTINY family and community and help you find ways to learn more about the strategies, tactics, and technology that can help anyone stay active and healthy with Type 1.

One of the best parts of being involved with Diabetes DESTINY is staying connected with everyone and learning about the latest devices, strategies, and information about managing Type 1 diabetes. We are inviting you to an exciting new part of DESTINY that hopes to expand the sharing of information that is such a great part of our camp throughout the year. This FREE series of Q&A, interactive webinars will give everyone the chance to share what they have learned and discover new information that can help everyone with Type 1 stay active and healthy.

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