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NorthBay Giant Swing YouTube Video

Other Resources:
Adventures For the Cure
Cycling and triathlon club that empowers people to use what they love to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.
Integrated Diabetes Services
Coaching and support for people living with insulin dependent diabetes.
Type 1 University
Online training for insulin users, parents and caregivers.
American Diabetes Association
Website, research and outreach events dedicated to fighting the deadly consequences of diabetes.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Leading organization funding Type 1 diabetes research.  Website and fundraising events dedicated to T1D awareness and research.
Children with Diabetes
A community that promotes understanding of the care and treatment of diabetes, especially in children.
Taking Control of Your Diabetes
Educating and motivating people with diabetes to take a more active role in their condition.
Riding on Insulin
Riding On Insulin empowers, activates and connects the global diabetes community through shared experience and action sports.
Live Active with Diabetes
Basketball camp and educational programs to empower and inspire all people with diabetes.
Team Type 1
Empowering people with Type 1 Diabetes to achieve their dreams through diet, exercise, treatment and technology.
Connect in Motion
Connected in Motion is a growing community of motivated and inspiring individuals living life with diabetes without limits.
College Diabetes Network 
Website containing articles, information, videos and other educational resources for diabetes management. Dr. Sheri Colberg
Books, articles, resources on exercise, athletics with diabetes.
Blog, training and activity support for women.
Youth sports camp, exercise/diabetes research, publication.
Blog, tools, community support to improve diabetes mgmt
Personalized fitness, nutrition, weight loss, diabetes coaching
American College of Sports Medicine
Dedicated to advancing and integrating scientific research to provide information on exercise science and sports medicine.
National Strength and Conditioning Association
Website, publications and events for fitness professionals’ community
Publications, Presidents challenge, resources, news, links
The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
Physical Activity Guidelines
Website, blog and resources on staying physically fit and healthy.
Adult Fitness Test (Pres. Council on Physical Fit and Sports)
US Olympic Committee (National Sports Federations)
NoFim Photography