How to Sign Up

If you are interested in being a volunteer, you can register using  this online form.

If you have any questions please email us at info@diabetesdestiny.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a link to the NorthBay Health Release please have this completed and bring it with you to camp or email it along with any questions you might have to info@diabetesdestiny.com.


What to Expect as a Volunteer


Thank you for helping Diabetes DESTINY. Volunteering at our camp is an unbelievably rewarding experience.  You are going to meet some amazing kids and other volunteers and you are guaranteed to feel better about yourself. You will be exhausted after our weekend camp, but you will know you made a huge difference. 

Prior to camp, you will be invited to a series of online meetings for updates and medical training. These meetings will be recorded so if you can’t attend live you will be able to view them at your convenience. 

As a counselor on Friday you will have to be at the camp by 2pm. At this time we will get everything we need for the fun filled weekend ready. First you’ll meet the amazing crew you will be working with for the next 3 days.  It includes checking all blood glucose meters to make sure the batteries are good, putting together the counselors bags for the weekend (this is the survival kit you will be carrying the whole weekend) and getting the tables set up for check in.

There will be a brief volunteer meeting and you will meet the medical staff and find out which cabins each medical team member is assigned to. Also we can learn what is planned for the weekend and answer any questions you or other volunteers might have. 

Kids will start to arrive at 4 and counselors will welcome the families and escort the campers to their cabins.  

Friday night you will be able to work with your co counselor and figure out a plan for covering tasks for your cabin such as who is going to do night time blood checks on which nights. New counselors are partnered with veterans to make the weekend as easy as possible to manage.

In your survival kit you will get a log and have set times to help the campers check and record their blood sugar. These logs will be used by the medical team to adjust insulin doses. Many campers are very adept at doing their own blood sugar checks and being part of an entire group who is all checking is part of what makes the Extreme Weekend unique. Campers are also great a looking out for each other since they are very familiar with the signs of low blood sugars. The medical staff will brief all counselors on what to look out for and since there are more diabetics at the camp than non-diabetics, there are many eyes watching for someone who is a little sluggish, crabby, or just not with it.

Saturday you are responsible for ensuring campers arrive at designated locations on-time.  Also at meals you are there to help the campers count their carbs if needed. Make sure all campers are safe throughout the activities during the day. If you encounter any issues that are medical or nonmedical you can call the nurse or another counselor by using the walkie-talkie that will be given to you when you arrive. Make sure it is charged the whole time. Campers are never to be left alone so we use a buddy system. Also, as a counselor, your job is to make sure the kids have a great time and want to come back. The best way to make this fun is to get involved with games and any other activities. Talk with your campers about question they have. They learn from us and we also learn from them.

Sunday we make sure the cabins are clean and help the kids pack up their stuff and get it up to the dining hall.   You have to stick around till all your campers have checked out. Once they are gone everyone pitches in to help pack up supplies and equipment for next year.

Kitchen Staff help NorthBay staff by setting tables, serving food, clearing tables, washing dishes and making sure the dining room is clean. This is a very important role as using volunteers for kitchen help GREATLY reduces the costs and allows us to invite even more kids each year. Last year’s kitchen team said it is the best job to have at camp.

Adventure Crew helps with the zip line, giant swing, rope course and climbing wall. All of these positions will be working with certified staff from North Bay who will train and direct the volunteers. Adventure Crew back up counselors throughout the rest of the weekend and help make sure the kids have fun. 

Remember DESTINY is 100% volunteer run and 200% fun. Many of our volunteers come back each year. Everyone learns a lot and has a great time. Hope to see you there!!!!!!!