Where do campers/athlete’s sleep?

They sleep in cabins that have heat or air condition if needed. All cabins have carpet and fans.  Cabins also have bathrooms in the cabins.  Boys and girls cabins are separate from each other.  All cabins will have at least 2 counselors.  You will need to bring a sleeping bag and a cover sheet for the bed and a pillow if needed.

What is staff to camper ratio?

2 staff to every 4 campers.

Do the counselors/staff have Diabetes?

Some do and all counselors/ staff go through Diabetes training.  All of our counselors/staff are role models for the camper/athletes.

Does camp supply andy Diabetes supplies?

Yes, we use our meters and strips and we have low bloodsugar supplies and also insulin.  If the camper/athlete has a pump or CGM they will need to bring those supplies.

Does camp provide all the food including snacks?

Yes, we provide all food as well as any snacks needed.

What kinds of activities are provided?

We have rope courses where the camper/athlete will have to use “Team Building Skills”, which will help in their management of their Diabetes.  We also have game fields and a nature walk/run.  We will also have open discussion groups for each age group where we will have role models with Diabetes leading these discussions.

Who should I call if I have questions when my child is at camp?

John Boyer Board Member 410-858-8646

Bill King Director 215-704-7473