Where do campers/athlete’s sleep?

Campers sleep in cabins that have heat and air conditioning. All cabins are carpeted and have bathrooms.  Boys and girls cabins are separate from each other.  All cabins will have at least 2 counselors.  You will need to bring a sleeping bag or cover sheet for the bed and your personal pillow or a pillow case to use the pillow provided.

What is staff to camper ratio?

Our ratio of volunteers (med staff, counselors, adventure crew, etc) to campers is nearly 1 to 1.

Do the counselors/staff have Diabetes?

Many of our volunteers have diabetes and many others have family members with diabetes. All volunteers are required to participate in medical training prior to attending camp.  All of our counselors/staff are role models for the camper/athletes.

What diabetes supplies are provided at camp?

We will provide insulin, meters, test strips, syringes, pens and keytone meters. Campers are required bring any infusion or sensor sites for pumps or CGMs.

Does camp provide all the food including snacks?

Our medical team includes dieticians who review the meal plans with North Bay and select meals based on their nutritional value. Carb counts are provided with every meal and counselors will help campers write down the amount of carbs they eat in every meal. Snacks are available throughout the weekend.

What kinds of activities are provided?

DESTINY has selected North Bay for the access it provides to activities such as zip lines, rock climbing walls, high ropes courses, kayaking, frisbee golf, basketball, volleyball, and the beautiful beach. These facilities are used to create an immersive learning experience under the guidance of the med team and counselors.

Who should I call if I have questions when my child is at camp?

John Boyer Board Member 410-858-8646

Bill King Director 215-704-7473